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Video Interview

You will receive an invitation to complete a video interview that you can complete at any time using your computer or mobile device. 


Initial Interview

We will invite you to an initial interview with one of our hiring managers. During your personal interview, you will get a clear picture of our company and the vacancy. In this personal interview we map out your expectations, personality, and experiences. During this interview we examine if there really is a match.



We will ask you to undergo a personality assessment. This web-based assessment takes place between the first and second interview. You will receive a thorough debriefing on your assessment in your second interview.


Second Interview

During this interview, you will meet our CEO who will go through more in-depth as to what our client is looking for and what you should expect from us. He will give his last stamp of approval.


Client Interview

We will match you with the best position for one of our clients. During this interview, you will meet your direct  manager.


Welcome Aboard

You did it! 

Sales Agent

You don’t take no for an answer. Experience in sales. Hungry for more.

Customer service Agents

Do you truly love taking care of clients’ needs? 

Administrative Assistant

Handling office tasks, such as filing, generating reports and presentations.